Our dentists and team will do everything possible to help prevent dental problems and keep your child’s smile healthy. However, we may sometimes need to recommend a tooth extraction if your child’s teeth have sustained too much damage to be restored. Call Precision Digital Dentistry at 908-450-7788 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joyce Ma and learn more about pediatric tooth extractions in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Tooth extractions are recommended when:

  • Your child’s tooth is severely decayed.
  • A baby tooth is preventing the permanent teeth from erupting properly.
  • The tooth needs to be pulled prior to orthodontic treatment.
  • The tooth is severely damaged from trauma or infection.

Our dentists and team will remove your child’s tooth as gently as possible. We will begin by providing a local anesthetic to ensure their comfort. Our dentists will then gently loosen the tooth root from the surrounding gums and bone so that it can be safely and painlessly removed from your child’s mouth. Following your child’s extraction, our dentists will provide you with instructions on how to help your child heal and recover.

If you have any questions about pediatric tooth extraction or would like to make your child’s appointment, please call our team today.