Dr. Joyce Ma uses endodontic microscopes to provide your care. Also known as surgical microscopes or telescopic loupes, this imaging device helps enhance vision so that our dentists can see the smallest details of your teeth and mouth when providing treatment. To schedule a consultation and learn more about endodontic microscopes in Bridgewater, New Jersey, contact Precision Digital Dentistry today at 908-450-7788.

Surgical microscopes are binocular-like devices and are worn like glasses. They work by magnifying and illuminating your mouth so that our dentists can see the fine details of your teeth and pinpoint the exact location of any problems. These microscopes also offer several levels of magnification and allow our dentists to maintain a comfortable position while providing your care.

Benefits of using a surgical microscope include:

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • The ability to detect even the smallest indications of developing problems, including gum disease, cavities and oral cancer
  • The ability to provide earlier and less invasive treatment
  • The size of surgical sites can be reduced
  • Greater comfort during procedures for both patients and our dentists
  • Reduced healing time following treatment

To find out more about surgical microscopes and schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists, please contact our office today.