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Natural-Looking Crowns In One Day With CEREC!

October 02, 2018
A number of factors give way to tooth decay, causing teeth to become damaged or even lost. Previously, repairing diseased teeth required several dental appointments, and many patients were forced to take time off of work. Yet, with the latest in digital technologies and restorative dentistry, patients can now receive a natural-looking dental crown in one single visit with CEREC.

Modern Day Solutions With Digital Orthodontics

September 07, 2018
While new-age technologies contribute to the globalization of services across many industries, the integration of modern day solutions for teeth straightening means that orthodontists and patients have access to the very best resources available. From diagnosis and treatment planning to customized appliances and 3D designs, the arena of digital orthodontics provides more effective and efficient outcomes than ever before.

Osteonecrosis (ONJ) Of The Jaw: Are You At Risk?

July 10, 2018
When bone within the jaw becomes exposed, the lack of blood flow causes it to deteriorate, thus leading to Osteonecrosis (ONJ) of the jaw. To date, scientists do not know all of the causes of ONJ or how often it occurs, as reported by WebMD. Yet, there are important associations to consider such as radiation to the head or neck area, chronic steroid usage, uncontrolled infections and major trauma. Instances of ONJ are also linked to individuals taking medications for the treatment of osteoporosis, as well as those taking anti-resorptive medications during cancer treatments.

Dental Implants—The Gold Standard In Tooth Replacement

June 11, 2018
Despite remarkable advancements in preventative dentistry and oral health education, millions of Americans have missing teeth. While traditional bridges and dentures remain viable options for many, they are not always the preferred choice. What’s more is that bridges and dentures require a few healthy teeth to serve as anchors for the restoration, and a large majority of individuals do not have these teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry: It’s More Than You Think

May 09, 2018
While the majority of individuals believe that the purpose of pediatric dentistry is to assess one’s brushing habits and check for cavities, this is only partially true. With additional residency training and education in dentistry for infants, children, teens and children with special needs, pediatric dentists provide a number of comprehensive oral health care treatments, while providing insight into a patient’s oral and overall health.

When You Have Itchy Gums

April 09, 2018
Chances are, if a friend or co-worker explains that their gums are itchy, you might be tempted to think that they are a bit strange. Yet, there is little mystery behind this weird sensation. Thus, if you’re experiencing a tickle or tingling in your gum tissue that is becoming itchy and uncomfortable, it’s important to contact your dentist for an examination. In reality, there are several potential causes of itchy gums.

Periodontal Therapy

March 02, 2018
Did you know? Many people assume that losing teeth is a natural part of growing older. This is simply not true. In fact, when individuals maintain good oral care, including regular dental checkups and cleanings, they can keep their natural teeth for life. Even so, when dentists discover oral health problems that might turn into big problems in the future, they may suggest some form of periodontal therapy. In short, these therapies restore gum tissues and protect bone tissues. Some types are explained below.

Dental Technology = Higher Quality Care?

February 07, 2018
Perhaps you’re searching for a new dentist for your family. Do you feel obliged to join the global digital dentistry revolution when it comes to choosing a practice? Will dental treatments using advanced technologies cost your family more money? These are just a few considerations you may have.

Drill-Free Cosmetic Dentistry And Prep-Free Veneers

January 10, 2018
Comprised of thin layers of porcelain or ceramic material, dental veneers are among the most beautiful and sophisticated ways to enhance the appearance of teeth that have succumbed to decay or injury. Yet, traditional means of applying veneers require teeth to be “prepped” beforehand. Thus, dentists remove a small portion of the original tooth enamel to allow room for the veneer to be placed.

How Do Dental Technologies Advance Oral Health?

January 04, 2018
With an increasing focus on providing the best dental care possible, the 21st century dentist employs a number of advanced and sleek technologies. In regards to cleanliness, reliability and progress (Dental Economics), the use of new-age technologies continues to have a positive impact on patient care across the country. For specifics on how dental technologies advance your oral health, continue reading below.